Game Changer Grant

Ozarks Technical Community College will award three grants of $10,000 each for innovative projects to further the mission of the college by supporting initiatives outlined in Your Dreams, Our Plan – OTC 2025. OTC believes innovation from faculty and staff creates a culture of excellence and improves opportunities for our students.

Application Process

The application can be completed through a fillable form. The proposal is comprised of four parts: Project Description, Innovation and Impact, Budget, and Presentation. Successful proposals will be closely tied to the strategic plan and the strategic initiative identified in the application. The application will be scored by the Strategic Planning Council using a rubric.

The project description should clearly outline the innovative idea and the plan for implementation. Proposals will be scored for feasibility, so plans with clear and actionable steps will receive the maximum amount of points. Plans will also be scored on the intended outcomes (the intended end result of the actions taken by the proposal) and those outcomes should be measurable. If you have questions about data available for measuring an outcome related to your project, you can contact for information about available institutional measures. This section is worth six points.

The proposal should clearly demonstrate how it will affect the college and correspond with the OTC Strategic Plan. Proposals that have an institutional or divisional impact, are based on emerging best practices in the field, and strongly correlate with the strategic plan will receive the most points. Institutional impact and supporting evidence, including both outside sources and institutional data, should support this section. While proposals may impact multiple areas of the strategic plan, each proposal is only eligible for funding in one strategic initiative. The three strategic initiatives are:

  • Strategic Initiative #1: Improve experiences at every point in the institution to increase opportunities for students to attain their educational goals.
  • Strategic Initiative #2: Increase and sustain the college’s physical and online capacity to ensure every citizen in OTC’s service area has an opportunity to access college services.
  • Strategic Initiative #3: Actively engage the community and external groups to best meet the educational and workforce needs of OTC’s service area.

This section should show the connection between the impact of the project and the goals/deliverables of that initiative. This section is worth nine points.

All projects are required to submit a budget using the provided template. After implementation, projects must be able to be sustainable. Consideration of how impact will extend beyond the funding period and any ongoing costs is required during the application will receive the most points. Funds may not be used for:

  • Hiring of New Full-Time Positions (part-time positions are allowable if reviewed and approved by the corresponding department chair and Human Resources)
  • Stipends to Faculty and Staff
  • Incentives to Students (e.g. prizes for completion of surveys, purchase of gift cards, cash prizes, etc.)
  • Alcohol or other ineligible OTC budget costs

A presentation is required to be submitted at the time of application. Please submit your format in as a PowerPoint, PDF, script, or related format and include all the information below:
• Brief description of the problem and innovative solution
• Requested amount of funding
• Goals/outcomes of the project
• Long-term sustainability plan

Selected finalists will have the opportunity to polish and finalize these presentations before sharing them with faculty and staff during the Innovation Celebration in February. Each finalist will have 3-5 minutes for their presentation. A time limit of five minutes will be enforced, so finalists should ensure they have timed their presentation prior to recording. This year, to facilitate a distanced format, groups will pre-record their presentations before the event. There is a short time between selection of finalists and recording of presentations. Recording will take place in January, following the return from winter break. Early preparation will allow presenters time to make final adjustments prior to the presentation. A preparation time will be held prior to filming for all finalists; this is optional but encouraged.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed and scored by the Strategic Planning Council. From this review, up to three finalists from each strategic initiative will be selected. Finalists’ projects will be presented to the college at the Innovation Celebration on Development Day. Following the presentations, faculty and staff in attendance will vote for one project per Strategic Initiative. Voting will be conducted live and awards will be presented during the event.


Applications Due: December 1, 2020 (Applications submitted after this date will not be considered for funding)

Finalists Notified: December 23, 2020

Presentation Filming: January 2021

Innovation Celebration and Award Selection: February 16, 2021

Funding Available: July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022


Information Sessions/Bootcamps (Optional):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

All full-time faculty and staff are eligible to apply. Collaboration between employees and departments is encouraged. Grants may be awarded to individuals, programs, departments, or inter-departmental teams.

When is the application period?

Applications open October 1, 2020 and will close December 1, 2020. Finalists will be notified December 23, 2020, and awards will be selected at the Innovation Celebration on Development Day on February 16, 2021.

What criteria must be met in order to apply?

Projects must follow all application instructions, including submitting a budget, presentation, and approval by the respective Dean/Vice-Chancellor. Funding cannot be used for certain expenses such as personnel or incentives. Please refer to the Application Guidance for more information.

How will winners be chosen?

Finalists will be selected after the review and scoring of applications by the Strategic Planning Council. Up to three finalists for each Strategic Initiative will be chosen. These finalists will then have the opportunity to present their proposals to the collective college community at Innovation Celebration during February Development Day. Full-time faculty and staff will vote in real time during the event to choose the winning proposals. One proposal per Strategic Initiative will be selected for funding.

What types of projects will be considered for funding?

Game Changer awards are designed for innovative projects that will have institutional or divisional impact and support the mission of the college as well as the goals outlined in the OTC Strategic Plan. Projects of a more limited scope (affecting one program or department) are not likely to be competitive. However, these projects can explore the OTC Student Success Mini-Grants for potential funding.

Who do I contact with questions?

Questions can be directed to the Grants Office at or Sarah Bargo at During the application period, three boot camps will be held for applicants to get assistance and feedback on project ideas. Optional Boot camps will be: