Goal 1
  • Conduct an annual skills gap analysis evaluating area employment needs, future trends and current graduate production.
  • Identify opportunities to expand high-demand programs based on area needs.
  • Continue to actively engage advisory groups for all career and technical programs to ensure alignment of training with industry needs.
  • Survey area employers annually to assess community needs and satisfaction with OTC graduates hired (where applicable).
  • Ensure that employability skills are integrated into every student’s education and evaluate methods of documenting employability skill outcomes.
Goal 2
  • Identify opportunities to create or expand school district partnerships to increase the number of area high school students who have access to OTC training or educational opportunities.
  • Work with area employers who offer tuition reimbursement programs to provide their employees with access to low-cost, high-quality education that is relevant to their job.
  • Provide training programs to meet the occupational continuing education requirements of area employers.
  • Increase productive apprenticeship and internship opportunities for OTC students, aligned with workforce needs.
  • Conduct outreach with area homeschool families and organizations to provide their students with an effective path to educational opportunities at OTC.
  • Collaborate with area universities to develop effective transfer pathways for OTC students and follow up to evaluate student performance after transferring.
Goal 3
  • Maintain an annual presence at well-attended community events to provide area residents with convenient opportunities to share feedback.
  • Identify opportunities to allow residents and community groups to tour OTC locations and receive information on the services and opportunities provided by the college.
  • Develop a volunteer program to provide qualified area residents with the opportunity to engage with the college and support students through efforts like tutoring.
  • Pursue outreach efforts, including on-campus events, for area middle and high school students to inform them of available career educational opportunities and resources such as the A+ program.
Goal 4
  • Increase private support of the college through the OTC Foundation endowment and donor base.
  • Secure external grants and contract funding to support the college’s mission and strategic plan.
  • Creation and maintenance of a project priority list by every division for use in identification of external funding opportunities.
  • Maximize net revenue from ancillary and auxiliary funding sources to support college operations.
  • Engage with the community, legislature and state government to maintain awareness of OTC’s fiscal needs and outcomes provided.