Each fall and spring semester, all full-time and adjunct faculty members are evaluated by students through the Student Course Evaluation Survey. This tool provides feedback to instructors and administration concerning student perceptions of the effectiveness of instructional methods and procedures used in the course. Students evaluate various aspects of the course including instructor, their motivation and course structure and procedures by responding an online survey administered via BlackBoard. Students are also encouraged to write comments regarding the most and least effective elements of the course and what they would tell another student taking the course next semester.

Survey responses are tabulated and a summary report is prepared for each course section. A cumulative summary based on all courses evaluated within a department, program and division are also prepared for comparative use. Each faculty member receives feedback on written comments and survey questions for their courses through the Office of Research and Strategic Planning, following the end of the semester grade submission. Faculty division chairs also monitor the survey results for their respective departments and programs to detect any potential issues that could be addressed. The survey results and written comments provide faculty with feedback that can be used to determine possible modifications in teaching strategies.

Fall Reports

Fall 2015 OTC Course Evaluation Report

Fall 2014 OTC Course Evaluation Report

Fall 2013 OTC Course Evaluation Report

Spring Reports

Spring 2014 OTC Course Evaluation Report

Spring 2015 OTC Course Evaluation Report